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Not everything can be settled through simple agreements. Every now and then, complicated matters must be handled on more official terms. When this is the case, a contract can be created, either by writing it down and signing it or establishing a solid oral agreement.

Just because something is officially recorded in a contract does not mean things will always go over smoothly, however. All too often, one party or another tries to shirk their responsibilities intentionally, or misreads the contract and accidentally causes major damages. In other scenarios, a third party will intervene to ensure the contract is breached for their own gain.

Common examples of contract situations that could result in disputes are:

  • Real estate contracts (leases)
  • Mortgage contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Business contracts

As a landlord or a tenant, a misunderstanding or varying interpretations of a lease could result in a legal dispute. The same goes for confusion or disputes regarding a mortgage. Unless you retain an attorney who can aggressively fight on your behalf, you could lose your home and overall sense of well-being. As for sales contracts, you could suffer financial damage by losing your case, rendering your savings drained. Business contracts are especially sensitive because the future of your company may depend on the outcome of your dispute and legal case.

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The most important thing you can do when disputing a contract is to retain a skilled legal representative who is familiar with that field of litigation. At Martin & Wallentine, LLC, we have practiced extensively in the area of civil litigation and can vigorously fight on your behalf until the best possible results have been obtained. Lead Attorney Jerry Wallentine is a former professional speaker who can persuasively present your case to the judge and jury.

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Our firm has attorneys who dedicate the majority of their time to civil litigation cases. As a result, we can provide focused and effective representation no matter what situation you are experiencing. As a small firm, we can give you the attention and personal care that you need while still obtaining big firm results. Find out more by contacting an Olathe contract dispute lawyer from our team for a free evaluation of your case. At no cost to you, we can provide you with comprehensive legal options tailored to your unique situation.

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