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Disputes between landlords and tenants can be tricky legal situations. Article 25 of the Kansas Statues provides dozens of sections explaining the detailed laws and procedures for renting or leasing housing and property in the state, as well as what grounds there are to terminate a lease or tenancy, either by the landlord or by the tenant. For example, tenancy cannot be terminated unless the tenant is at least three months delinquent, and they must be given at least three days' notice to pay the rent before the tenancy can be terminated (K.S.A. §58-2508).

Although the law does its best to outline landlord tenant relationships and how to resolve relevant disputes, it can still be seen as nothing but legalese to most people. If you have entered a disagreement with your landlord or your tenant, rather than digging through laws and paperwork yourself, get the assistance of an Olathe civil litigation attorney from Martin & Wallentine, LLC. We would be happy to handle the hard work for you so you can focus on more important aspects of your day-to-day life.

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Common Landlord Tenant Disputes

Living with close friends and family can be difficult, so it is no wonder that disputes can other arise between landlords and tenants, who might only know each other as strangers. The situation may only be more complicated due to the fact that many leases or contracts do not actually cover every issue that could arise, leaving some parts of the guideline and agreement up to interpretation.

Landlord tenant disputes that require an attorney to successfully resolve can deal with:

  • Property damage
  • Contract disputes
  • Monthly payments
  • Security deposits
  • Acceptable tenant behavior
  • Duration of lease

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