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Extortion is commonly known as a white collar crime as it is usually non-violent and typically occurs in a business setting or other professional environment. It occurs when a person receives money, items or anything of value as a result of threatening the victim with future harm if he does not comply.

Being charged with extortion, a felony, is a very serious legal problem, with the threat of a prison sentence and heavy fines imposed upon conviction. If you are being charged or investigated for extortion, you need to contact the Olathe criminal defense attorneys at Martin & Wallentine, LLC as soon as possible. We are experienced in successfully defending clients against:

  • Extortion
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  • Protec

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Understanding Extortion Charges

Extortion differs from robbery in that with a robbery, harm is threatened or inflicted at the moment of the crime, and money or goods are taken by force. With extortion, the victim is usually threatened with future harm if he does not comply with demands. These demands are commonly for money, items of value, or even certain demonstrations of behavior from the victim.

A businessman might be coerced to function or act in a certain way and not of his own free will when being faced with extortion. A police officer might demand money from a citizen in exchange for not making a false arrest. A business may be intimidated to pay "protection" money. These are just a few examples.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Being charged with a crime does not necessarily mean you are guilty. Extortion charges require skilled and knowledgeable legal counsel in order to effectively fight an aggressive prosecutor. Incarceration and stiff fines are on the line, as is your future.

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