Will I Lose My License?

Olathe DUI Defense Lawyer Can Fight for Your Driver's License

In addition to the criminal ramifications of a DUI conviction, being arrested for drinking and driving can significantly affect one's driving privileges. If you were arrested for DUI in Olathe, Kansas, you could be facing a license suspension of up to one year for a first offense. However, this suspension is not necessary if you take prompt action to request an administrative hearing.

When you are arrested for DUI in Kansas, the police officer will issue a warning notifying you that your license will be automatically suspended regardless of the outcome of your charges unless your request an administrative hearing. Requesting an administrative hearing will reinstate your driving privileges up until the date of the hearing when an administrative judge will determine whether to uphold the suspension or to dismiss it.

Most Important Steps to Take in a DUI Case

It is important to remember that the question of your driving privileges remains separate from the criminal charges brought against you in the event of an arrest. However, it is equally important that you equip yourself with an Olathe DUI attorney to represent your interests at the administrative hearing so that your chances of keeping your driving privileges are higher.

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At Martin & Wallentine, we are dedicated to defending the residents of Johnson County against whatever charges they are facing. When we represent a client facing a DUI charge, we understand how high the stakes are. Losing one's driving privileges can be extremely inconvenient as it may hinder the ability to get to work or school independently.

If this is your first or even second offense, losing your license is not necessarily eminent. You can increase your chances of avoiding license suspension by taking prompt action to request an administrative hearing. Remember, unless your file within 14 days of your arrest, your license will be suspended even if no charges are brought against you for DUI. So contact our office today to speak with our Olathe DUI attorney and take the steps to keep your driving privileges!

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