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Anonymous Tips Are Not Always Reliable Enough To Justify A Stop

As a Kansas criminal defense lawyer, I often try to beat charges by arguing that the initial stop was illegal, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. The court then makes a legal determination as to ...
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Child Dependency Exemptions and Child Daycare Tax credit not mutually exclusive

Tax considerations in child support and custody matters. In a recent opinion, the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District recently recently clarified the distinction between dependency ...
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Public Safety Exception

Public Safety Exception Many criminal charges are the result of a traffic stop, leading to police finding drugs, evidence of impairment, or other criminal evidence. As a criminal defense lawyer, one ...
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Evidence Observed at Checklane Allowed

In State v. Jackson 24 Kan.App.2d 38, 942 P.2d 640 (1997), the Court of Appeals reversed the district court's ruling. The District Court had suppressed the evidence of marijuana, which was ...
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UM Coverage May Help

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Can Help Roughly 11 percent of all car accidents involve a hit-and-run The definition of a hit-and-run car accident is an accident where a driver fails to stop after the ...
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When do half-truths become untruths?

Occasionally, rarely, courts will illuminate, rather than obscure, the truth. In this opinion, the court of appeals articulated the best definition I have ever seen of when a half-truth becomes ...
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