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Jurors Acquit a "Guilty" Man

When the potential jurors arrived for trial in Harris County, Texas last week, they were asked a routine question during voir dire. The questions asked was, if the jurors believed beyond a reasonable ...
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Common household products can lead to false-positive marijuana tests

A recent study found that common shampoos, soaps and moisturizers commonly leads to false positive test results. Although the precise mechanism is unknown, common ingredients can confuse the test. ...
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Extra Harmful Drug Combinations

The reality is, drugs are harmful to our body. The same is true even for legal prescription drugs. However, as a criminal defense lawyer, I am well aware that many people often use drugs. I recently ...
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20% Child Support modification rule doesn't apply without change of circumstaces

Ordinarily, Missouri child support is subject to revision when financial circumstances change such that the child support amount by 20% or more. However, there must be an actual material change in ...
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Judge Didn't Trust Officers Who Used Deception

As a criminal lawyer, I often deal with law enforcement using deceptive practices. I was encouraged to hear about the recent decision from Florida by Judge Will. Apparently, the judge called into ...
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The Divorce Hotel

A Dutch entrepreneur is bringing this concept to American cities. The concept? Check-in to the divorce hotel by Friday, be divorced by the end of the weekend. As a divorce attorney, I am skeptical of ...
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