Cheetos Trail Leads to Thief

Cheetos Trail Leads to Thief

When my wife and I moved in 1996, we originally stored a bunch of our personal items in an outside garage. That very night, we were burglarized. Among the things stolen, were my sport cards. Interestingly, the person who committed the theft, left a trail of the sport cards to their house. Not your smartest criminal.

Recently, law enforcement were able to catch a criminal because the criminal inadvertently left a trail of Cheetos. The trail led from the convenience store to the criminal. The not so intelligent thief had stolen cigarettes, beer, and food from the store after breaking into the store after it was closed.

Whether you are dealing with bad fact like these or otherwise, if you have been accused of a crime, call a Kansas criminal defense attorney from our firm to represent you. Our trial lawyer can help you with theft charges, whether they were charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. In fact, the first jury trial I represented a client in, was over a felony theft charges. Yes, we won! He was acquitted. Even though it was many years ago, it is still a special memory for me as it was my first trial.

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