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SCOTUS Weakens 4th Amendment Protection

The 4 th Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the people from unreasonable searches and seizures the government. While there have been many legal battles and arguments over what is ...
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Lawyer Deemed Ineffective When Followed Judge's Ruling

In Kansas, a case can be overturned by the appeals court for numerous reasons. One of these can be if the court determines that the lawyer did an especially poor job, such that a person's ...
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New Criminal Law in Florida

In Florida, as of October 1st a law was passed that made it illegal to have someone's personal information without authorization, in any form, including digital form. A 17-year-old man from Tampa ...
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Evil Twin Defende

As a Kansas criminal defense attorney, I have used the "some other guy did it" theory at trial. However, I have not had the opportunity as a lawyer to use the "my evil twin did it" ...
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Man Receives Light Sentence After Rape of Child

A Judge in Montana is drawing quite a lot of harsh criticism for his light sentence on a rapist. The defendant in this case was a high school teacher who raped, and admitted to what had happened. He ...
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Prosecutorial Misconduct Leads to Wrongful Conviction

At 17 years old, Ryan Ferguson was wrongly accused of murdering Keith Heitholt. Keith was a sports editor for the Columbia Daily Tribune, along with his friend Charles Erickson. Erickson insisted that ...
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Man Arrested Over 1,500 Times

As a Kansas criminal defense attorney, I often see people get trapped in the system. However, a Lexington, Kentucky man brings a whole new meaning to this understanding. 64 year old Henry Early has ...
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