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Whether Or Not To Take The Stand

Whether or not the defendant should take the stand in their trial is a tough decision. It is inevitably the decision of the defendant. It is not the court’s decision or the lawyer’s ...
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Man Sent to Prison Due to Faulty DNA Evidence

Driving down a street, a woman recognized the hat of a young man who had attacked her just five days prior. This random person wearing the recognized hat was 16 year old Josiah Sutton. She then ...
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Kansas Subpoenas For Minors

When minors are involved in Kansas litigation, it changes numerous legal issues, such statute of limitation issues and how a case is captioned. The statute of limitations could potentially be extended ...
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SCOTUS Requires Warrant For Cell Phone Search

When a criminal suspect is arrested, officers often search and seize evidence and then justify it by stating it was incident to arrest. This actually oftentimes pasts muster in court. In other words, ...
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Raiderettes Suing Raiders

Decades ago, my wife and I were on the cheerleading squad together for the university we attended. It is great fun, a wonderful experience, and kept me in shape. We received a small scholarship, that ...
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Trial Tax

Assistant District Attorneys, Federal Prosecutors, and City prosecutors are known for threatening harsher sentences if a plea is not entered. This doesn't happen all the time, but it is not ...
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