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UM Coverage May Help

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Can Help

Roughly 11 percent of all car accidents involve a hit-and-run The definition of a hit-and-run car accident is an accident where a driver fails to stop after the wreck.. There are about 700,000 hit and run accidents per year. To prevent hit-and-run accidents, the law in Kansas requires a person involved in a Kansas auto accident to stop and exchange relevant information with everyone involved in the car wreck. In Kansas, you can be charged with a crime for failing to stop and report.

Unfortunately, for those 11 percent, they are often left without recourse or ability to recover money damages from the person who injured them. However, their Kansas uninsured motorists coverage may provide some protection. UM coverage also comes in handy when the person who caused the wreck was underinsured in such a way that they policy limits were not sufficient to cover all your damages.

Read our page about UM insurance to learn more. Also, discuss it with your personal injury attorney. An experienced auto accident lawyer may be able to work with your insurance company to get you the help you need.