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Two Women Sue State Troopers Over Drunk Driving Investigation Gone Too Far

Twenty four year old, Ashley Dobbs, and her thirty eight year old aunt, Angel Dobbs, are suing Texas state Troopers Kelley Hellerson and David Farrell in federal court. Allegedly, on July 13, 2012, female trooper Hellerson used the same pair of latex gloves to perform anal and vaginal searches on both of the women, on State Highway 161, in plain sight of passerby drivers. Apparently, the trooper was searching for drugs.

According to the two plaintiffs, trooper Farrell was the one who initially pulled them over for littering, and then tried to "morph the situation into a DWI investigation." Neither of the ladies were even charged with drunk driving. The ladies also are suing Steven McCraw, who is the director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Allegedly, he was aware of previous problems regarding this kind of behavior by state troopers.

As a Kansas criminal defense lawyer, I have seen interesting investigations and police conduct. If you have been investigated or charged with a DUI or other crime and experienced this kind of treatment, your issues may be subject to a suppression motion. Additionally, you may have a valid personal injury claim. Contact our law firm to speak with an experienced attorney now.