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Jurors Acquit a "Guilty" Man

When the potential jurors arrived for trial in Harris County, Texas last week, they were asked a routine question during voir dire. The questions asked was, if the jurors believed beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime of possessing less than a gram of cocaine, would they convict? About fifty out of one hundred-thirty jurors said they would not.

The jurors were obviously annoyed that they had to waste their day, over a miniscule amount of drugs, that probably couldn't get anyone high anyway. The prosecutor was upset. stating, "It's against the law." The defense lawyer was thrilled as he got an acquittal. The defense bar likely gained insight about jurors.

It should be noted, this criminal case wasn't in Johnson County, Kansas, where very few jurors, if any, would have answered no to that initial question. Johnson County jurors are typically very closed minded to defendants and very accepting of police doing whatever. This obviously makes the work of a Olathe, KS criminal defense lawyer much more difficult. However, much of the United States population is considering the immense power of our government and the limits it is placing on the freedoms of it's citizens.