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CBD Reported as Safe

Current Pharmaceutical Design published an online article stating that cannabidiol is safe for humans to take orally. It is a non-psychotropic cannabis plant which is well tolerated by humans. It is known as "CBD."

There was significant research which led up to the report. Kings College in London evaluated effects of both THC and CBD and compared it to placebo in 16 people. While the oral administration of 10 mg of THC was linked to various physiological and behavioral effects, including increased heart rate and sedation, there was no such link with those taking 600 mg of CBD.

The conclusion was that, "There were no differences between CBD and placebo on any symptomatic, physiological variable." They also stated that, "CBD has proven to be safe and well tolerated." Similar conclusions were made last year by Current Drug Safety.

Furthermore, there has been research which points out that CBD possesses a variety of therapeutic properties, including anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-epileptic, anti-cancer, and bone-stimulating properties.

However, Cannabidiol is illegal under federal law as it is an organic component of cannabis, and is classified as a schedule I prohibited substance.

As we know, Under State law, many states allow marijuana. Kansas is not such a state. If you are caught with in possession of MJ or CBD in Kansas, you should consult a Kansas criminal defense lawyer immediately. Sadly, studies like this likely won't be used by your drug defense attorney in court as it likely wouldn't be deemed relevant by the court.