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Boy's Eyes Ripped Out

Chinese Boy Blinded … Attacker Still on the Loose

This week in Shanxi, a Chinese boy went missing while playing outside. When the boy was discovered, he was found alive, but covered in blood and his eyes had been gouged out. Unaware that he would never see again, the boy asks "Why the sky is dark...and why the dawn still hasn't come?"

Initially police believed that the eyes were taken as part of organ sales ring, but the police later stated that the eyes were recovered nearby where the boy was found. Police are offering a 100,000 Yuan ($16,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of the sole suspect, who they said was a woman. Doctors are planning to implant artificial eyeballs in the boy's eye sockets once the inflammation subsides

This brings a whole new understanding to the idea of child abuse. In Kansas, child abuse is a level 5 person felony crime. However, this would fall more under aggravated battery or other crime. Additionally, due to the situation, the prosecutor attorney for the state would likely bring in all the gruesome details to let a jury determine if there were factors to depart for an extra harsh and lengthy punishment. The regular sentencing range would likely be departed from if they went that route, which would double the presumptive prison sentence. The criminal defense attorney would be lucky to avoid an extra long sentence in such a case, much less avoid prison if they didn't prevail at trial on obtaining a not guilty verdict.