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NFL Concussion Lawsuit To Be Settled

I've had some minimal involvement with the NFL concussion lawsuit and have been interested in the legal issues. However, it seems that the legal issues will not be decided in court, but rather be resolved via settlement. Over 4,000 retired NFL players and the National Football League have agreed to settle the lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges that the NFL failed to adequately warn players about concussions. The lawsuit also alleges that the NFL knew about the dangers.

The $765 million settlement will be submitted to the court for its approval. The lawyers utilized formal mediation helped the parties resolve the dispute. However, the Judge still has to rule whether the settlement is fair, reasonable and adequate. It should be noted that the settlement does not include any admission by the NFL.

While the settlement is for $765 million, it is predicted that the cost of payouts for numerous issues resolving the lawsuit for the NFL will exceed a billions dollars. Realistically though, this is a drop in the buck for the NFL, which currently grosses over $9 billion every year. It seems like the attorney for the NFL won this battle. However, it is unfair to judge the outcome form the sidelines as an armchair quarterback, when there were hurdles for the plaintiffs to overcome.