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Hernandez Charged With Murder

After days of speculation and legal investigation, NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez was arrested earlier this morning and formally charged with murder and five other weapon charges just one hour ago.

He has pled not guilty and the case looks as if it is headed for trial. His criminal defense attorney will now obtain the discovery from the prosecutor and rest of law enforcement to fully investigate and research the matter. It is not uncommon for a plea to be entered in criminal cases despite a previous plea of not guilty. However, there are no signs from Hernandez nor his lawyer that a plea will be entertained. He will have some evidence obstacles to overcome, such aas explaining why cell phone was destroyed along with his surveillance system.

The Patriots released the superstar tight end and stated it was "the right thing to do." Fortunately for Hernandez, he had signed a $40 million contract last summer. However, the Patriots will not pay him for anything but his signing bonuses and what he has already received through past salary.