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Prosecuting Attorney Plead Guilty to DUI

A few years ago, I defended someone is Western Kansas in a highly contested second time DUI trial. One of the prosecuting lawyers was Scott James. It was so ironic to learn recently that Mr. James actually pled guilty to drunk driving last year. He was still an Assistant County Attorney for Ford County, KS at the time.

He entered a plea to serve 48 hours in jail, followed by 3 days house arrest. The rest of the sentence was suspended as he was placed on one year probation. Additionally, he paid a fine of $1,250, plus court costs of $160.

Much to his credit, Mr. James has owned up to it saying, "I made a mistake," and "I take full responsibility for it. I'm not proud of it, but I had to learn an important lesson. I've done everything I can to address this and to make sure it is not a mistake I will repeat."

Everyone makes mistakes. I wish him the best.