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Fight Fair

As a Kansas criminal defense attorney, I have reviewed lengthy interrogations, that coerced people into saying things that weren't accurate. In fact, I have represented people who I believed were innocent, but were portrayed poorly by the unfair interviews by the police. Sadly, this is not an uncommon practice by law enforcement.

In fact, just recently, a trial was held, where the Defendant, Adrian Thomas, was found not guilty. The jury did not hear the illegally obtained and coerced statement due to the Court of Appeals throwing it out. Unfortunately, the Defendant had already spent years in custody, because in the first trial, the court allowed the prejudicial statements, which the jury apparently bought. Alas, people ignorantly think that coerced statements aren't a reality, until it happens to them.

About 6 years ago, Adrian made an incriminating statement after a ruthless nine hour interrogation conducted by law enforcement. Nearly six years later, the defense showed at trial, that Adrian's son died from a bacterial infection, and not from child abuse, as the prosecution alleged. The District Attorney had proceeded forward against Adrian because there was an incriminating statement as well the fact that the local hospital had deemed child abuse was involved. This incorrect diagnosis regarding child abuse and shaken baby is not uncommon either in false charges. As a criminal defense lawyer, I have represented someone who I knew was innocent, yet a local doctor inaccurately said that child abused injured the child.

As a society, we want justice. We want the right thing to happen. We want solid police work and investigation. However, it must be done fairly and accurately. Obtaining a conviction or even pursuing a charge is sometimes the wrong thing to do, even if you have the means to do it.