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Injured Penis Leads to Domestic Battery Charge

As a criminal defense attorney in Johnson County Kansas I have seen and represented clients for countless domestic violence cases. Sometimes the facts from the DV charges can be rather ridiculous while other times are extremely serious. A recent domestic battery charge in a Pennsylvania court seems to be a blend of both.

Newly married, Abigail Geiger was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor for causing her husband to receive “puncture marks and scratch marks to his genitals.” Apparently she was trying to prevent him from leaving the shower. The police arrived after neighbors reported the noise. Law enforcement then determined that she was the aggressor, even though she had bruises on her back. Interestingly, the police apparently determined this by interviewing only her as her husband was already on the way to the hospital when they arrived. This is yet another example of why you shouldn’t make statements when the police try to interview you. Utilize your 5th Amendment Constitutional right to not make statements against yourself. Additionally, clarify that you want to speak with you lawyer before making statements.

Hopefully the charge doesn't get amended to a felony due to a serious injury or disfigurement. That would be terrible, especially in this case! In Kansas that could be a felony as an aggravated battery. Hopefully they can work through this and avoid a divorce, though certain elements of their marriage may have some challenges.