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Many of us will reach a point in our lives where we will need to seek out high quality legal representation. Whether we are injured in an auto accident and need to file a personal injury claim, or if your spouse serves you divorce papers, or if your home has a number of construction defects, there are many situations that will require legal support from a Kansas City attorney.

At Martin & Wallentine, our attorneys practice family law, civil litigation and criminal defense. Attorney Wallentine handles all of our criminal cases and attorney Martin handles the family law cases. We have garnered a reputation for outstanding representation and high quality legal services. With hundreds of cases under our belts, we can confidently handle your legal matter with ease.

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If you're facing criminal charges, it's vital that you hire a private attorney to represent you. At our firm, you are not merely just another number in the revolving door of criminal cases. Whether you have been arrested for DUI, a misdemeanor or felony crime, or if you are being falsely accused, we care about your future and your freedom. We are tough and aggressive with all of our criminal defense cases; we search for any and all holes in the prosecution's case or errors made by law enforcement.

Family law is widely known for being volatile and emotionally upsetting at times. Considering the fact that family law often addresses divorce, child custody and legal separation, it's understandable why people fear they have a lot to lose if things don't go their way. We are committed to informing you of your rights and responsibilities and helping you through the legal process.

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Our firm handles civil litigation cases; these are lawsuits involving disputes between two parties where damages are sought. Civil litigation covers a broad range of lawsuits including but not limited to: auto accidents, personal injury claims, workers' compensation claims, construction defects, mortgage fraud, legal malpractice, quiet title, real estate matters and many more. We have extensive experience in handling various different types of civil litigation cases, many of which are handled via mediation, arbitration, hearings and litigation. Regardless of the nature of your circumstances, we can protect your legal rights and help fight your legal battles.

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