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Civil litigation involves lawsuits regarding disputes between two parties in which damages or specific actions are sought. These differ from criminal suits in that crime is not necessarily involved (although some actions may be subject to both criminal and civil proceedings). Civil suits often make use of mediation, hearings and arbitrations, and out-of-court settlements, but can also include courtroom trials.

If you are facing a civil litigation issue, contact a Olathe civil litigation lawyer for help understanding your legal options and for advice on the best course of legal action.

Some areas of potential civil litigation include:

Real Estate Law
Litigation involving real estate or property requires legal representation with experience and training in the area. Cases include landlord tenant disputes, contract disputes and construction defects.

Business Litigation
As a business owner, it is vital that you retain a skilled attorney to fight for your case, whether it is an employment dispute, contract dispute, partnership dispute, or deceptive trade practice case.

Breach of Contract
Breaches of contract can be intentional, or they could be the result of a misunderstanding or contract dispute. Speak with a lawyer to determine what steps you could take to resolve the issue.

Contract Disputes
Contracts are legal documents meant to hold to parties to an agreement. Disagreement on the drafting of the contract, or on the interpretation of its terms, could be resolved in court.

Commercial Litigation
Much like business litigation, commercial litigation covers legal suits and disputes that affect companies, such as breaches of contracts and employment disputes. These cases must be handled carefully and with aggression.

Employment Disputes
As an employer or an employee, be sure to retain an experienced lawyer to represent you in a dispute over employment discrimination, wages, benefits, workers' comp, and any other area of employment.

Deceptive Trade Practices
K.S.A. § 50-626 seeks to prevent suppliers from deceiving consumers into unfair transactions. Examples include claims of sponsorship or affiliation that the supplier does not have, and offering property or services without intent to sell them.

Partnership Disputes
One of the most difficult situations a business or corporation could experience is a dispute over the responsibilities and roles of the partners. This could jeopardize the future of the company, so retain a competent attorney today.

Personal Injury
Have you been injured in an accident? You deserve to fight for compensation in court. Your success hinges on the capability of your attorney, however, so consult with a personal injury lawyer to learn more.

Insurance Litigation
If you need to go up against the big insurance companies in court, you can be sure they will have excellent representation. Get the compensation you need by fighting back with an aggressive lawyer.

Alternative Dispute Resolution can be a very wise way to resolve otherwise expensive litigation.

Mortgage Fraud
Falsifying information in order to obtain a loan or larger loan that would have been granted otherwise is a form of fraud and is harshly punished under Kansas state law.

Construction Defects
Mistakes and oversights in construction could cause a great deal of harm in the future. If you have suffered due to a construction defect, you may be able to file a lawsuit.

Legal Malpractice
Even lawyers, judges and juries can be taken to court. If your representative is failing to communicate or return your calls, is not conducting adequate research, or has wrongfully dropped your case, you could file a suit against them.

Quiet Title
An action to quiet title establishes your ownership of property and prevents anyone from disputing said ownership. This prevents any further legal arguments regarding your property.

Quiet Title for Aircraft
For aircrafts, quieting title removes all liens on the vessel so that you need not worry about disputes or legal issues in the future. This must be handled in court, so consult with an attorney right away.

Quiet Title Statute
The statute for quieting title is found in K.S.A. § 60-1002, which outlines rights of action, and actions to bar lien claims.

Automobile Accidents
We have helped many clients get the money they needed after they were seriously injured in a car wreck.

How a Olathe Civil Litigation Lawyer Could Help

At Martin & Wallentine, our extensive experience with civil litigation means we could take prompt action with your case and offer quality representation. We will work with your goals and best interests in mind and advocate for your rights every step of the way. Each area of civil litigation has its own peculiarities, and our familiarity with these helps us to create a strategic approach to your case in pursuit of the desired outcome.

We will also involve specialists as needed as part of our thorough preparation and approach, which acknowledges that every case is individual and deserves detailed attention. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

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