• FAQ

    • What does contingency mean?
      Contingency means our lawyers will represent you in your personal injury cases and you don't have to pay us until we win your case.
    • What is civil litigation?
      The area of civil litigation covers cases such as real estate lawlandlord and tenant disputescontract disputesbusiness litigation, and legal malpractice. The only way to ensure satisfactory results in such cases is by hiring an experienced and aggressive litigator, so speak with a Johnson County civil litigation attorney from our firm today for a consultation. With a member of our team on your side, you could protect yourself, your business, and your rights.
    • What should I do after a car accident?
      The most immediate step to take after an accident is to ensure that you receive the proper medical care right away. It is always best to see a physician rather than assume you are not injured, only to discover more serious problems later. Also, avoid making any statements, either to the police or insurance adjusters, because whatever you say could adversely affect your case later. Of course, a brief and accurate outline of the facts should be provided to the police. Contact a Johnson County personal injury attorney from our law firm, to get the legal representation you need to protect your rights after suffering an injury in an automobile wreck.
    • Why should I bother fighting a traffic offense?

      Many traffic tickets carry expensive fines associated with them, which may be avoided if you fight and win against the charges. It can also affect your insurance rates, as well as possible license suspension if you have too many tickets on your driving record. Whenever possible, having an attorney review your traffic violation to see if it is worth fighting can help avoid more serious consequences that can lead to long term consequences.

      Charges of DUI are particularly important when it comes to hiring a skilled Johnson County DUI attorney. If convicted of driving while drunk, you will suffer penalties such as a suspended driver's license and high fines. Contact our firm today for counsel on what to do after being charged with a traffic or DUI offense.

    • Is there a difference between divorce and collaborative law?
      There is a difference between these two forms of divorce. Many cases are contested divorce situations where the two parties cannot come to an agreement on their own, and must therefore have their settlement determined by a judge in court. Collaborative divorce is settled between the two parties outside of the courtroom with the counsel and guidance of divorce lawyers and other family law professionals. If you are considering divorce, contact a Johnson County family law attorney to discuss your case and determine whether or not collaborative divorce is the best option for you.
    • What happens if I am arrested for a crime?
      After an arrest, a person is arraigned (called to court) soon thereafter, at which time they will be formally charged with a crime. Having an attorney by your side at the Arraignment Hearing is very important, as it can greatly affect the plea, as well as bail or the possibility of having it waived. Once a plea is set, you may be let out on bail, at which time you are free to go on with your life while your attorney works on mounting a strong defense on your behalf. It is important to retain an Johnson County criminal defense attorney right away in order to avoid serious consequences.
    • Why do I need an attorney?
      No matter what legal situation you might be facing, having a Johnson County, Kansas lawyer working for you can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Whether your legal issue involves criminal defenseDUI charges, family lawcivil litigation, or personal injury, a knowledgeable attorney from Martin & Wallentine will aggressively protect your interests and seek to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Attempting to settle a claim, pursue litigation or fight a criminal charge without a reliable attorney is unlikely to end in success. Having an experienced legal team on your side can make a significant impact in the outcome of your case.