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Wearing Shorts Over Your Head Isn't A Good Disguise For A Robbery

43 year-old Eli Escalera tried to rob a bank in Stock Island, Fla., "disguising" himself with a pair of shorts on his head.

Allegedly, Escalera gave the bank teller a note that said "give me what are 20s and 50s." Apparently, the teller was confused and asked, "What do you want?" Escalera then said "never mind" and walked out of the bank.

Escalera was later found, arrested, and charged with the felony, robbery. How could they possibly find and identify this person? I guess wearing shorts on your head isn't much of a disguise. I think you are supposed to cover up your face if you want your identity to remain a secret.


As a Kansas criminal defense lawyer, my advice is don't committ crimes. But it makes it especially difficult for an attorney to reach a not guilty verdict when their client's face is on the camera.