MO Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Statutes in Missouri 

Are you in search of justice and rightful compensation following an automobile accident in Missouri? Look no further than the distinguished team at Martin and Wallentine, LLC. We possess a profound grasp of Missouri's intricate legal landscape, particularly in personal injury cases arising from automobile accidents. Our accomplished personal injury attorney, Jerry Wallentine, along with our dedicated paralegals, are resolute in ensuring that victims of accidents caused by another's negligence receive the recompense they are entitled to.

Navigating Missouri's "Tort State" Laws

Martin and Wallentine, LLC, is your steadfast partner in navigating the "tort state" paradigm prevalent in Missouri, often referred to as an "at-fault" state. The bedrock of this framework entails establishing fault in the aftermath of any automobile accident. Prior to pursuing compensation, the determination of fault is paramount due to its direct association with the concept of negligence. Consider a scenario where a motorcycle and a car collide. In this case, the onus of fault rests upon the responsible driver. Be it their distraction by a mobile device or reckless driving, their negligence precipitated the accident, rendering them at fault. Our seasoned attorney, Jerry Wallentine, specializes in establishing fault through a rigorous collection of evidence, ensuring the construction of a robust case foundation.

Grasping "Pure Comparative Negligence"

At the heart of Missouri's legal disposition lies the doctrine of "pure comparative negligence," a distinctive hallmark. This principle dictates that even if you share a portion of fault in an accident, you retain the right to compensation proportionate to the other party's liability. For instance, if your responsibility is determined to be 10%, you retain eligibility for 90% compensation. Regrettably, insurance companies often leverage this doctrine to diminish payouts. They might attempt to attribute partial fault to the victims, subsequently reducing their rightful compensation. At Martin and Wallentine, LLC, we possess an intricate understanding of these tactics and relentlessly counteract such maneuvers, ensuring that you are justly compensated.

Championing Motorcyclists' Rights

Motorcyclists frequently encounter unfounded bias from insurance entities due to perceived risks associated with motorcycle riding. In response, Missouri has unequivocally denounced this inequitable treatment. Notably, State statute [MO.GOV 537.055] explicitly states that operating a motorcycle cannot singularly serve as evidence of comparative negligence in accidents involving motor vehicles. This indispensable legal safeguard shields motorcyclists from the underhanded strategies deployed by insurance firms to deflect blame. Our adept personal injury lawyer, Jerry Wallentine, is not only well-versed in this legal nuance but also fiercely advocates for your rights and rightful compensation.

Your Trusted Ally in Pursuing Justice

Martin and Wallentine, LLC, is a paragon of unwavering commitment to providing compassionate and astute legal representation to accident victims across Missouri. Our profound comprehension of Missouri's tort laws and the "pure comparative negligence" doctrine arms us to champion your rights and secure the compensation you rightfully deserve. Remember, you don't have to traverse this challenging terrain in isolation. Connect with us today by calling (913) 764-9700 for a consultation and embark on the path towards the justice and compensation that is rightfully yours.


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