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Premises Liability Accidents in or Around Johnson County, KS

A large number of personal injury claims that are filed every year are the result of premises liability. When walkways are not properly maintained or kept clear of hazards such as puddles, cords or debris, the risks of slipping, tripping and falling greatly increase. Anyone who is responsible for maintaining an area who fails to do so should be held responsible for any injury that occurs as a result.

Proving Liability for Slip & Fall Accidents

When these injuries occur on private property, it is relatively simple to prove liability. Whoever owns private property is generally responsible for its upkeep and could therefore be required to cover your damages. It is still important to hire a competent Olathe personal injury lawyer, however, so call Martin & Wallentine at your earliest convenience for an evaluation of your case.

Things become more complicated when slips and falls occur on public property. It can be difficult to determine who is responsible for maintaining areas such as sidewalks, parking lots and parks; nevertheless, an experienced injury attorney could examine the details of your case and do the research to determine the liable party. Get legal help today if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident.

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