Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Attorney in Johnson County

Pursuing Compensation After a Devastating Injury

There are countless ways in which a person could be injured in an accident; however, one of the most serious of all personal injuries is most definitely traumatic brain injury. When a person receives a blow to the head in an accident that causes harm to the brain, or if the skull is cracked or punctured in a way that damages the brain, the result can be devastating and even permanent.

Accidents that could result in brain injury include but are not limited to the following:

Understanding Brain Injuries

In order to suffer from a brain injury, a person must hit their head hard enough to cause bruising and/or swelling of the brain, or the skull must be cracked or punctured in a way that damages the brain. Examples include a motorcycle accident where the motorcyclist loses their helmet and slams their head against the pavement, or a gunshot wound to the head. When this occurs, the damage to the brain could be minor or severe.

In minor cases, the victim could suffer:

  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Temporary dizziness or unconsciousness

As the wound heals, however, their health, memory and emotions could return to normal. Severe injury – also known as traumatic brain injury or TBI – can have much worse and longer lasting effects. If the brain damage is severe enough, the person's personality and mental capacity could be altered. In other cases, they could suffer from permanent amnesia, or even fall into a coma.

Martin & Wallentine Can Help You Pursue Just Compensation

Since brain injury can have long-lasting effects on a person financially, emotionally and medically, it is important that you understand your options when it comes to recovering compensation. Not only can you be compensated for monetary damages like medical bills, but you can also be compensated for damages such as emotional distress and loss of consortium. You can also receive compensation for future damages, especially when your damage is permanent and will continue to affect your life in the future. Consult with an Johnson County personal injury lawyer from Martin & Wallentine today to learn more and to discover how an attorney could obtain the highest amount of compensation for your case.

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