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After suffering a personal injury in an accident, you know that you need an Olathe personal injury lawyer to represent you if you want to obtain the compensation you deserve, but you may be concerned about the cost. Attorneys can be expensive, which makes you hesitant to hire one, especially when you are not sure whether or not they can even help. This is a just and understandable concern, which is why the legal team at Martin & Wallentine, LLC proudly offers its services on a contingency fee basis.

Why Are Contingency Fees So Important?

There are several different ways in which an attorney may charge their clients for their legal services. One way is to charge an hourly rate, which includes the hours they spend researching and preparing their client's case. These are usually the most expensive attorney fees since it is relatively easy for an attorney to charge for extra hours without it being noticeable. Even in sending detailed monthly bills, attorneys who charge by the hour can be vague about what they were doing during that time.

Another type of attorney fee is an engagement fee. This is usually more affordable than an hourly rate and may seem favorable since you always know exactly what the bill is going to be, but problems can still arise. Since your lawyer's rate will be the same no matter what, their profit depends on the number of cases they handle instead of the outcome of those cases. If your case becomes complicated and lengthy, your attorney could be tempted to rush through so that they can move on to the next one as soon as possible.

In contrast to these two options, a contingency fee is the most favorable kind of attorney fee. Contingency fees are a percentage of the amount recovered in your case, such as 30% of the final recovery. This means that the total amount recovered directly affects the amount that your attorney receives as payment. Since your attorney's fees are so closely dependent on the success of your case, they will be motivated to give their all and fight for the highest amount of compensation when working on a contingency fee basis. At Martin & Wallentine, LLC, we offer our services for a contingency fee to instill confidence and trust in our clients.

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