Do I Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

People often feel that contacting a lawyer after an accident can be intimidating. Many people either don't want to look like they lack knowledge and need help, or they don't want to appear to be trying to sue just for the money. Neither reason should prohibit an injured person from contacting an accident attorney and I'll cover why that is so in this two part series.

Car Accident is Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

Calling an experienced car accident lawyer to represent you after an accident is like calling in a licensed electrician to do major wiring in your house. Sure, you can swap out a light fixture, but adding wiring to a new wing of your house is completely different. You not only want it done so it works, but beyond that, you also you want it to be safe.

Similarly, a lawyer can handle all the issues after your car accident so that things are not just taken care of, but that you are also safe. By safe I mean, you have all of your medical expenses covered, including any that may occur in the future related to your current injuries; you recover all expenses related to damage to your car or other property; you recoup any lost wages; and you are compensated for your pain and suffering. Just as you don't want the electrical wiring to cause a fire down the road, after a car accident you want to be sure there are no surprise expenses in the future. A car accident lawyer can work with the insurance company and ensure all details are covered and can ensure your rights are protected.

Get More Respect with a Lawyer

Using a good car accident attorney immediately makes the insurance company realize they can't take advantage of you. Without a lawyer, the insurance company will twist your words and use something innocent that you said to justify a reduction in the compensation offered, will bully you into taking a lower offer, or will just wear you down by being unresponsive and unwilling to negotiate. Conversely, with a car accident lawyer investigating the accident, using expert witnesses, controlling the flow of information, submitting proper medical reports, negotiating from a position of knowledge and strength, and using the legal system as leverage, the insurance company has less power and control. This can result in better compensation for you.

Use Your Energy to Get Well

Instead of worrying about all the details and getter frustrated with the insurance company, use your energy to get well, get back to work and get back to your family. Let a lawyer argue with the insurance company while you get your life back.

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