Train Accidents

Train Accident Lawyer in Kansas and Missouri

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in a train accident, please schedule a free personal injury consultation to discuss your legal options.

At intersections all across Kansas and Missouri, railroad tracks can be seen weaving in and out of the landscape. The large extent of railways in Kansas and Missouri stems back to Kansas City's proud history as a massive railway hub. In fact Kansas City still remains as the nation's second busiest city in terms of freight tonnage. However, due to the ongoing amount of train traffic, accidents involving trains in Kansas and Missouri are an ever present tragedy. These accidents often result in serious injury and death due in part to the extreme forces involved in multi-million pound train vehicles. For many, these injuries may have occurred because of a collision in an automobile at an intersection. For others, they may have suffered injuries as a passenger, employee, or pedestrian.

Do I Have a Case?

It may be possible to hold the railway companies accountable and receive compensation for damages incurred if negligence of the railway companies can be proved. Railway companies are obligated to exercise due care by following federal and state regulations. Any failure to hold to these standards may constitute negligence on the part of the railway company. These duties include but are not limited to maintenance of trains, upkeep of train tracks, and proper staff training.

Types of Cases

Automobile Collisions

Almost all automobile collisions with trains occur at intersections of roads and railway tracks. It is the railway's responsibility to maintain the safety of these intersections. For example, in Kansas and Missouri, any overgrowth of plants obscuring the sight lines of drivers to oncoming trains is prohibited. A failure to adhere to the regulations involving intersection safety constitutes negligence on the part of railway companies and they can be held strictly liable for any damages caused by said negligence.

Passenger Injuries

In some instances, passengers of trains may be injured in the course of their travels. Most often this occurs as the result of a derailment. Railway companies are obligated to maintain the equipment required for train travel. Most often a derailment occurs because of the lack of proper upkeep in equipment. When this is the case, the railway company can be held liable for damages received by the victim.

Employee Injuries

Railway companies have a duty to provide their employees with a reasonably safe environment in which to work. A failure to provide this, intentionally or unintentionally, may be considered to be a breach of duty on the part of the railway company. The Federal Employer Liability Act allows the railway company to be held responsible for damages suffered in the unsafe work environment.

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