Encroachment Laws to Be Enforced in Johnson County, Kansas

I have always thought it would be nice to live right next to city owned property. You would have the benefit of having extra property at your disposal right? Not exactly.

Johnson County is clarifying that encroachment is illegal and is going to enforce the law on its residents that is violating the encroachment. Specifically, the city does not want its residents to allow trash, fences, or other property to cross over into city owned property lines. There were supposedly about 150 neighboring residences of city owned property which were violating the encroachment laws. However, Johnson County to crack down on encroachment into city green space and wants its residents to show respect regarding the city property lines. According to the city of Johnson County, 2,000 residential properties touch city green space, of which about an estimated 7.5% are illegally encroaching upon the city's space.

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