Legal Colorado Weed Moving Illegally into Kansas

Legal Colorado Weed Moving Illegally into Kansas

While other states are legalizing marijuana, it remain illegal in Kansas. However, large quantities of marijuana are making its way in and out of Colorado. Not only is it often found in Kansas, but it can be found as far away as New York and Florida. Kansas Highway Patrol has been on full alert on I-70 paying special attention to vehicles leaving Colorado. Kansas criminal defense lawyers still have the 4 TH Amendment at their disposal for suppression issues. In other words, if one of those law enforcement officers on the interstate pull you over, the better have reasonable suspicion, or the stop will be subject to a motion from the Kansas defense attorney.

The movement of Colorado weed is not going unnoticed by law enforcement in neighboring states, and since the legalization of pot in Colorado police in those states try to monitor it more closely. Marijuana that is grown in Colorado for out-of-state distribution is still illegal under state law; however, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Right now it is unknown exactly how much pot is leaving Colorado, but it is clear that it is moving into neighboring states. In 2012 it was reported by the DEA's El Paso Intelligence Center that 3 1/2 tons of Colorado weed was seized before reaching its destination in another state. That is 300 percent higher than was seized in 2009.

The U.S. Department of Justice is allowing marijuana legalization to move forward without federal interference. However, if Colorado marijuana continues to cross borders, federal prosecutors may decide to intervene.

Law enforcement officials understand that the perks for illegal growers pushing their products onto the black market will increase the flow of illegal distribution, making it almost impossible for them to handle. While a pound of weed may sell for $2,000 in Colorado, a grower can get double that across state lines and maybe even triple that amount on the East Coast.

On top of the illegal distribution, there are plenty of other ways for pot to move across Colorado's state line. Medical marijuana patients, caregivers, or people growing at home can move small amounts. Shoppers can buy the pot from stores and resell it in another state for a higher price.

It looks as though the cross-country movement of Colorado's "legal weed" shows no signs of slowing down.

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