Teenager Moves Out and Sues Parents

An 18- year old high school senior is suing her parents. Rachel Canning is claiming that her parents kicked her out of their house once she turned 18, will not pay her remaining private high school tuition, will not pay her college tuition, and will not support her financially in way. She is asking that the court rule that her parents should pay off the over $5,000 high school tuition bill, pay for her college tuition as well as give her an allowance and pay for her car. Her parents are singing a different tune. According to them she left the house voluntarily, and hasn't returned, due to disagreeing with their rules involving curfew and chores as well as expressing their disapproval of her boyfriend. Since she left voluntarily and is living with her best friend's family they kept her car, which they paid for, and basically cut her off financially as she is the one who chose to leave on negative terms. Rachel's parents state that "private school, new car, college education; that all comes with living under our roof," as well as following their rules.

The first court hearing was last Friday morning, in which a judge ruled that the parents did NOT need to pay the remainder of her high-school tuition and he also denied that they pay her a weekly allowance and additional financial needs, including attorney's fees, which already total $13,000.00. The judge also made a fair warning to the family law attorneys pursuing the case, asking them to consider whether it was wise to "establish precedent where parents live in fear of establishing rules of the house?" That's exactly what I would do if I were the presiding judge. Court proceedings will continue on the request for college tuition to be paid.

Apparently, Canning is living with the family of her best friend. The father of Canning's best friend is a lawyer, but not Canning's lawyer. He is however funding the lawsuit, which now has about $13,000 in attorney fees. The parents have responded that they would like their daughter to live with them, but that she is to abide by their rules.

There are times when a parent may be ordered to pay child support when a kid moves out. For example, a Child in Need of Care case, a.k.a. CINC. However, Canning's case is different in that she chose to move out, her parents arn't abusive, and she is 18 years old.

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