Alex Jones' Political Views on Trial in his Custody case-in part

Alex Jones Political Views During Custody Trial

On-air radio personality and political commentator Alex Jones has been going through a custody battle with his ex-wife, Kelly Jones. The case involves the three minor-children of the parties. Alex Jones has had sole legal custody of the three children since the time of the parties’ original divorce.

In Texas, custody trials are conducted before juries. In almost every other jurisdiction, including Kansas, a sole judge determines the outcome of the case.

Attorneys for Kelly Jones have tried to make the case about Alex Jones’ extreme political views. Alex Jones’ lawyers have tried to keep his political statements out of the courtroom. The judge has disallowed most of the political statements to be heard by the jury.

Alex Jones frequently makes controversial statements on his Infowars program, including claims that former President Obama and Hillary Clinton are demonically possessed and smell like sulfur. He also made senseless comments suggesting that Jennifer Lopez go to Somalia, promising to break Alec Baldwin's neck, and has used profane terms such as 'c**ksucker' and 'fair' aimed at Adam Schiff. Each of these instances are being used by Kelly Jones to argue his instability, and thus arguing that he is unfit to raise his children. 

Jones's lawyer dismisses these claims, arguing something along the lines that to judge the radio host for these remarks would be to judge the Joker's behavior in the 1989 Tim Burton adaptation of Batman. 

Having never heard of Jones before the trial, Judge Naranjo reportedly listened to Infowars to make a more credible decision to allow them in court in not. she decided to allow two clips: the first has the host smoking pot in California, where it is now legal, and another of his bringing his son on the show to play a video. The episode involving his son involves some of his son's participation. 

'He is undoubtedly cut out for this, and I intend for him to eclipse what I’ve done,' Jones said. 'He's a way greater person than I was at 12. 'I love you so much, and I didn't mean to get you up here, sweetheart, and tell people how much I love you, but you're so handsome, and you're a good little knight who's going to grow up, I know, to be a great fighter against the enemy.'

After all the evidence was presented, the jury returned a verdict—resulting in a victory for Kelly Jones. The jury restored joint legal custody to the parties, but gave Kelly Jones the exclusive right to determine where the children will live most of the time. It is expected that she will choose that they live with her.

While custody battles and divorce cases in Kansas are only heard by judges, they can still be dramatic. However, it is best if drama can be avoided if possible. It makes sense to resolve cases sensibly. There is of course a time to be litigious, especially when the other side isn’t being reasonable, but you don’t want to fight just for the sake of fighting. Johnson County judges have heard arguments again and again. Appearing hostile without reason doesn’t help your case with them.

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