Shaken Baby

Charged with Causing Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Defense Against Accusations of Child Abuse in Johnson County

Shaken baby charges are taken very seriously in courts across the nation, and Johnson County, Kansas is no exception. At Martin & Wallentine, our Johnson County defense lawyers have dealt with the prosecutors and the courts for these severe allegations. Such cases are centered around complicated medical results and physical evidence, and therefore require skill and ability to find success. Even if you are innocent, all parties involved, such as the judges and district attorneys, are sensitive and seem to assume you are guilty.

If you have been accused of shaking a baby, it is strongly urged that you contact an Johnson County defense attorney from our firm to advise you from beginning to end.

Challenge the Evidence and Stand Up for Your Rights

There are a lot of symptoms of shaken baby syndrome – such as retinal hemorrhage, subdural hematoma, and brain swelling – that may have been caused by something else but are taken as signs of shaken baby syndrome or another form of child abuse. Sometimes, an experienced expert can fully evaluate all the evidence to determine other potential causes of certain symptoms. For example, the child may have had a preexisting condition which led to the symptoms. It can seem like the hospitals, law enforcement, and the prosecutors are quick to point fingers and are sometimes slow to fully examine all the facts to determine what actually happened.

Even if you are guilty, it is important to let a skilled criminal defense attorney guide you through the dangerous legal system. In America, everyone is entitled to legal counsel and you should not try to navigate through the court system or deal with the prosecutors on your own.

Child Abuse Charges Are Considered a Felony

K.S.A. § 21-5602 is the Kansas Statute for child abuse. This is the same statute which is often used in shaken baby cases. It states in §21-5602(2) that "shaking any child under the age of 18 years which results in great bodily harm to the child" is a level 5, person felony punishable by up to 55 months in jail and a fine of up to $300,000.

Hire an Johnson County Criminal Shaken Baby Defense Lawyer!

If you have been accused or charged with shaken baby syndrome (SBS), contact an experienced Johnson County child abuse lawyer from Martin & Wallentine, LLC immediately. Not only will you be dealing with criminal charges, but you will also likely have to deal with substantiated findings from SRS. Furthermore, you may also have to deal with a Child in Need of Care Case. (CINC) This occurs if the victim of SBS was your child. Also, CINC cases can occur even if the child wasn't yours, but you have children of your own. The Court may assume that, if a child showed SBS symptoms while under your care, then you may also be a danger to your own children.

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