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Settling Even the Most Complicated Child Custody Disputes

Child custody disputes can be heart-wrenching and costly. To avoid this, many jurisdictions have implemented local "guidelines" for custody and visitation. Judges will generally consider and follow these unless provided with a good reason for deviating from them. At Martin & Wallentine, LLC, our Olathe family law attorneys understand not only the legal aspects of your case but the emotions that go into it as well. We believe that this is vital in custody disputes. Often, it is only by bringing the emotional aspects of your case to light that a court can truly appreciate your well-founded concerns for your children.

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How We Can Help You and Your Children

As the Johnson County divorce attorney representing you in your child custody dispute, our first step is to listen to your goals for the care and custody of your children. Next, we evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding your family situation. We then apply our knowledge of the law and our experience with the legal system to your case to determine whether your goals can be obtained in court and the possibility of success.

After a careful evaluation of your case, if your goals must be modified to be obtainable in court, we will tell you so. We will always strive to give you a frank legal assessment of your case while also going the extra mile to ensure you are well taken care of. Once we have a shared approach in mind, we are ready to proceed with your case. Sometimes the unexpected can happen in child custody disputes. If we believe there is a need to modify our game plan, we will work with you to do so in order to maximize your results.

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