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Custody & Visitation Modification in Olathe

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After custody or visitation orders have already been issued, you may still be able to request a modification if circumstances have changed in a significant manner. Perhaps the other parent is unable to support the child properly or is treating them poorly and you believe that custody should be granted to you. Maybe you wish to request greater visitation rights or to have the rights of the other parent reconsidered. The Kansas Statutes list regulations for each.

Regarding custody, K.S.A. § 23-3218 states that a modification may be granted "when a material change of circumstances is shown"; however, the change in circumstances must be extraordinary. Reasons for valid visitation modifications are found in K.S.A. § 23-3221, saying that such orders are granted based on the best interests of the child. Also, if the other parent continuously and unreasonably denies or interferes with your visitation rights, there may be grounds for a modification under Kansas state law.

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