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If you have been charged with money laundering in Olathe [KS], you should contact a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who has experience defending this crime. Martin & Wallentine, LLC is a skilled defense firm that is dedicated to aggressively fighting crimes such as money laundering, embezzlement, extortion, and counterfeiting with the goal of defeating the allegations or having the charges and penalties lessened.

Money laundering is the process of using the profits of an illegal activity and funneling them into a seemingly legitimate business in order to hide where the profits originally came from. It is not a crime of money laundering if someone simply acquires the proceeds from, for example, illegal drug sales. He would then have to put that money into a business. Often, the business itself would not survive but for the capital from the illegal activity.

Defending against a charge of money laundering can require extensive scrutiny of large amounts of documentation, often over a long period of time. A prosecutor must prove that the defendant intended to place illegally obtained capital into a business. In addition, he must also prove that the defendant received, or expected to receive, money back from the business, as this would give the proceeds the appearance of coming from a valid source.

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Our firm has the know-how to confront and aggressively deal with zealous prosecutors. Money laundering is often dealt with in a federal court, which means that a conviction will usually have heavier penalties than those at the state level. Sentences of 10 to 20 years can result as well as the seizure of money and assets.

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