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Defense Strategies for DUI in Johnson County

Johnson County DUI Attorney with Experience

After being arrested for DUI, you may feel overwhelmed or discouraged about your defense. Perhaps you have failed to pass a breath or blood test and think that there is no way you could fight your charges. Don't lose hope! Even when it comes to BAC testing, an Johnson County DUI attorney from Martin & Wallentine, LLC could review your case and help you determine the right defense strategy for your situation.

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Unshakeable Defense Against DUI Charges

When you are first pulled over under suspicion of driving while intoxicated, keep these tips in mind: be polite, follow instructions, and never admit to drinking. An officer can only arrest you if there are adequate grounds to believe that you are intoxicated, so provide as little evidence as possible. If you are compliant and show no hesitancy to obey the officer's instructions, they may be less suspicious of you.

Even after you have already been arrested and charged with DUI, there may still be defense strategies that you could use. If you failed one or more of the field sobriety tests, it could be that the officer conducted the tests incorrectly. There are specific steps that officers are required to take when conduction field sobriety tests in order for a legal DUI arrest to be made, which provides you with an opportunity for defense should they make a mistake. It may also be that you failed these tests due to a disability that affects your vision, balance, motor skills or memory. This could affect the validity of your DUI arrest.

As for BAC tests such as breathalyzers, blood tests and urine tests, even these may be disputed. Breathalyzer machines are touchy and, unless they are correctly calibrated and used correctly every single time, the reading could be incorrect. Blood tests and urine tests may also be subject to misadministration, tampering or malpractice.

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Attorney Jerry Wallentine of Martin & Wallentine, LLC dedicates most of his practice to fighting charges of DUI. He is also a former professional speaker with valuable skills in persuasion and argument. With him fighting on your side, you can be sure that he can skillfully and persuasively argue in your defense and have your charges reduced or dismissed. Our firm has obtained successful results for dozens of trial cases, so don't hesitate to learn what we could do for you.

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