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How to Beat a DUI in Johnson County, KS

What to Expect from Your DUI Case

A DUI conviction could result in costly penalties, such as hundreds of dollars in fines, time in prison, and rehabilitation and treatment programs at your own expense. They are far more terrible, however, when they are the result of a false conviction. If you have been wrongfully accused of driving while intoxicated, contact Martin & Wallentine right away to learn how to beat a DUI.

Methods of Beating a DUI

If you are pulled over under suspicion of DUI, show the officer that you are compliant. Follow their instructions; however, do not admit to drinking, and remember that you have the right to refuse a blood or breath test (although penalties may ensue). If you are charged with and arrested for drunk driving, there are still defense strategies that could be utilized to beat a DUI conviction.

Hire a lawyer immediately if you have been charged with DUI. An Johnson County DUI lawyer from Martin & Wallentine could review your case and search for evidence of police misconduct or faulty BAC testing. Our team is skilled in trial cases and defense, so call today to learn how we could help you in your case.

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