DUI Penalties

What are the Penalties for DUI?

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Much like other states, Kansas takes DUI offenses very seriously. While penalties depend heavily upon the BAC level tested at the time of arrest and also how many previous convictions are on record, an individual facing a DUI charge can be subjected to several serious sanctions. Other elements may also factor into a judgment such as an accident, injuries or the age of passengers present in the stopped car.

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Penalties Depend on Your DUI Criminal Record

First Offense DUI - In Kansas, a first-time DUI offense is processed as a class B misdemeanor. Conviction of a first offense DUI requires that the defendant serve at least 48 consecutive hours in custody. However, a jail sentence for the first offense cannot exceed six months. Furthermore, first time offenders will be required to participate in and complete court ordered alcohol or drug treatment program as a part of the sentence. There are fines that can reach over $1,000 as well as possible license suspension for one year. In Kansas, you may be required to install an ignition interlock device for one year prior to the reinstatement of their license.

Second & Third Offense DUI - When an individual is convicted of a second DUI offense within a specified amount of time, the penalties are significantly higher. Jail time carries a minimum sentence of 90 consecutive days and a maximum of one year. Fines are also increased to well over $1,000, plus any other court fees and probation costs. The defendant stands to have his or her vehicle impounded for up to one year at their own expense and will face a license suspension of one year followed by one-year mandatory ignition interlock device installation. A third DUI conviction will have the same penalties except that the fines stand to increase much higher. Also, a third time drunk driving charge may be charged as a felony, depending on when your previous DUIs were.

Felony DUI - Under Kansas DUI law, there are several aggravating factors that can cause a DUI charge to be increased to a felony. One of those factors is if the individual is convicted a third or higher time within the specified time period. Other aggravating factors may include injuries, very high amounts of alcohol in the blood stream and extensive property damage. Felony DUI is much more serious than misdemeanor and can carry extremely harsh penalties, both immediate and lifelong.

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If you have been arrested for DUI in Johnson County, you may be experiencing a great amount of stress and panic as you consider all the possible ramifications for conviction. However, at Martin & Wallentine, we believe that convictions and DUI penalties are not necessary for every DUI arrest. That is why our Johnson County DUI attorneys are dedicated to providing dependable defense services to clients who are facing the potential extreme penalties for DUI.

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