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Shawnee Municipal Court

Criminal Defense Lawyer Serving Shawnee, KS

The Shawnee Municipal Court has one part time judge and two part time prosecutors. Karen Torline, is their long time prosecutor. She is an experienced, competent, and tough prosecuting attorney.

If you are dealing with a criminal charge, DUI, or citation from the City of Shawnee, KS, contact our law firm now to speak with an experienced criminal lawyer. Let us defend you and deal with the Shawnee Court system. As Johnson County criminal defense lawyers, we are in the Shawnee municipal court on a regular basis. We know the system, expectations, and best ways to represent you. Additionally, if you decide to appeal your Shawnee case to the Johnson County District Court, our law firm is located directly across the street from the Johnson County Courthouse, where we defend clients on a daily basis.

Shawnee, Kansas DUI Lawyer

We have represented many clients in Shawnee, KS for DUI charges. The Shawnee prosecutors and police officers train in convicted people of DUI. To even the playing field, we train extensively on DUI defense, learn their policies and practice and even do some of our training from their own sources. We have been trained to administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests from the same manual which law enforcement use, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration manual (NHTSA). We have taken the same written tests and visual observation exams the Shawnee DUI police have taken. This comes in very handy during cross-examination of the Shawnee police officer.

Call us at our Johnson County, Kansas DUI law office - (913) 764-9700.

If you have been charged with DUI/DWI or other crime in Shawnee, KS, don't plead guilty if you don't have to. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Prosecutors in Johnson County, Kansas and around this area are very harsh toward drunk driving under the influence charges. Your penalty can exclude serious jail time and thousands of dollars in fines.

You should take every driving under the influence charge in Shawnee, KS seriously. Any alcohol related driving offense needs to be handled immediately and under the supervision of an experienced Shawnee DUI lawyer. If you have been charged with DUI/DWI in Kansas or Missouri, contact our DUI legal office to speak with experienced attorneys such as Shawnee, Kansas DUI attorney Jerry Wallentine, a zealous legal advocate who is dedicated to fighting for the best possible results given the facts of your case. We are attorneys ready to fight for you.

As Shawnee, Kansas DUI lawyers, we prepare DUI cases as if they was going to trial, rather than rushing to a plea bargain. This thorough preparation puts us in the best position to fight for a positive outcome whether we resolve your case at trial or by plea negotiation. This dedicated legal advocacy can serve you well.

Is it important to hire an experienced Shawnee, Kansas DUI lawyer?

Oftentimes people will hear from friends, co-workers, or even the police that a lawyer is not necessary for a first time DUI charge. This is an extremely dangerous proposition. The laws concerning Driving Under the Influence in Kansas have been tightening significantly. Any DUI is serious. Even a first time offense will likely have a dramatic effect on your life due to Driver's license suspensions and jail time. The Kansas DUI statute calls for jail time in every instance of a DUI. Simply pleading guilty and asking the Court to waive the jail time will not work. The judge is required to give you the stated jail time if you plead guilty.

Johnson County Attorney

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, Jerry Wallentine has defended hundreds of clients against criminal charges. If you are dealing with a misdemeanor crime such as DUI, battery, or theft, call us now. If you are dealing with a felony out of Overland Park, let us defend you in the Johnson County District Court.

Shawnee Municipal Court

5860 Renner Road 
Shawnee, Kansas 66217

Phone Number: (913) 742-6003

Shawnee Municipal Court web site

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