Olathe Courthouse

Olathe, KS Court

Olathe Municipal Court

The Olathe Municipal Court has very competent and experienced attorneys serving as the city's prosecutors. They are also very strict and harsh, as the City of Olathe demands. While we obviously don't see eye to eye on most legal issues, we have a healthy working relationship with the Lenexa municipal prosecutors. They are respectable people who are simply doing their job as I aggressively do everything I can to help my clients, even when I strongly oppose their stances.

Johnson County Criminal Defense Attorney

As a Johnson County criminal defense attorney, I have vast experience in the Olathe, KS municipal court. Having won trials and suppression hearing, we know what it takes to win. Obviously, each case is unique and there are no guarantees. However, we aggressively represent and defend our clients who are facing criminal charges in Olathe, Kansas. Charges in the Olathe municipal court include misdemeanors crimes of theft, drug possession, paraphernalia, prostitution, solicitation, disorderly conduct, battery, assault, domestic violence, DUI or drunk driving. Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer Jerry Wallentine has represented many people charged with these crimes.

If you are facing serious felony charges originating in Olathe, you will likely be litigating in the Johnson County District Court and dealing with the Johnson County District Attorney's Office rather than the Olathe municipal prosecutors. In any event, you should speak with our experienced criminal defense attorney today.

Olathe Municipal Court

1200 S Harrison St Olathe, KS 66061

(913) 971-7564

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Olathe DUI Lawyer

As Olathe Criminal Defense lawyers, we found that one of the most charged crimes in Olathe, KS is DUI (drunk driving, driving under the influence). We have trained extensively on defending Olathe DUI charges. If you have been charged with drunk driving in Olathe, KS, don't plead guilty if you don't have to. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The prosecutors in Olathe, KS and Johnson County are harsh toward driving under the influence of alcohol or drug charges.

You should take every DUI charge in Olathe, Kansas seriously. Any alcohol related driving criminal charge needs to be handled immediately. Contact our Olathe, Kansas DUI legal office to speak with an experienced lawyer such as Olathe, KS DUI attorney Jerry Wallentine, a zealous legal advocate who is dedicated to fighting for the best possible results given the facts of your case. We are attorneys ready to fight for you.

Drunk Driving

You didn't think you had too much, but then you were pulled over by local Olathe police along I-35 and you blew a .08 or more. Now you are looking at penalties, fines, the loss of your driver's license, and jail time.

Drinking in any capacity could lead to a DUI, such as:

  • A few beers at the ball game
  • A few drinks at the business meeting
  • A few glasses of wine at the dinner party
  • A toast at the New Year's Eve and Christmas party

Don't give up hope. There are defenses from drunk-driving charges. You do have rights, and the most important right you have is the right to a strong defense. As Olathe, Kansas DUI lawyers, we prepare drunk-driving cases as if they were going to trial. This thorough preparation puts us in the best position to fight for a positive outcome whether we resolve your case at trial or by plea negotiation. This dedicated legal advocacy can serve you well. If you were arrested or ticketed for an Olathe DUI, you were most likely asked by an Olathe police officer to take Field Sobriety Tests, also known as FST.

The following are typical standard field sobriety tests administered during an Olathe, KS DUI investigation:

Contact us to speak with an experienced Olathe DUI Defense Attorney. Our law firm is purposefully and conveniently located in Olathe, Kansas across the street from the Johnson County, KS District Court.

Call our Johnson County, Kansas law office located in Olathe, KS: (913) 764-9700

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  • "Jerry kept in constant contact with us and our son during the case and went the extra mile to plea before the judge outside and inside the courtroom".

    Joanne from Nebraska
  • Disaster diverted!!!


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