Lenexa Courthouse

Lenexa, KS Court

Lenexa Municipal Court

The Lenexa Municipal Court Judge, Judge McElhinney, is one of my favorite judges in the area. She definitely doesn't always give me everything I want, but she is fair, conscientious, and well deserving of respect.

The Lenexa prosecutors are very strict and harsh, as their community demands. While we obviously don't see eye to eye on most legal issues, we have a healthy working relationship with the Lenexa municipal prosecutors. They are respectable people who simply doing their job as I aggressively do everything I can to help my clients, even when it means me usually strongly opposing their stances.

As Johnson County criminal defense lawyers, we have vast experience in the Lenexa, KS municipal court. We have won trials and suppression hearings within the city court and are always ready to fight for our clients. We are experienced Johnson County attorneys with a serious conviction to zealously represent our clients and do everything we can for them.

Lenexa Municipal Court

12400 W 87th Street Pkwy 
Lenexa, KS 66215 
(913) 764-9700 
Lenexa Municipal Court web site

(Located west of I-35 on 87th Street and Monrovia. The court entrance is near the City Hall flagpoles.)

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Need a Lenexa, Kansas Criminal Defense and DUI lawyer?

DUI is a common charge out of Lenexa, KS. Lenexa prosecutors and police officers train on obtaining DUI convictions. To even the playing field, we train extensively on DUI defense, learn their policies and practice, and even do some of our training from their own sources. We have been trained to administer the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests from the same manual which law enforcement use, the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration manual (NHTSA). We have taken the same written tests and visual observation exams the Lenexa police have taken. This comes in very handy during cross-examination of the Lenexa officer.

Contact a Lenexa, KS DUI lawyer today at (913) 764-9700.

Jail. Probation. Loss of driver's license. Heavy fines, court costs and extensive administrative fees. Vehicle impoundment. An ignition interlock device on your car. These are all consequences that can flow from a DUI arrest and prosecution. Lenexa, Kansas treats Driving Under the Influence ("DUI") seriously. The laws are strict, the prosecutor and court often acts without mercy or discretion, and the punishments are harsh.

Aside from the obvious legal consequences of dealing with the Lenexa police, the Lenexa court, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Motor Vehicles ("DMV"), there are practical consequences that often flow from a Lenexa DUI arrest or conviction. Since DUI is a crime, and a DUI conviction will give you a permanent "criminal" record, you could lose your job or be prevented certain future employment-especially if it is State job, is law enforcement associated, or involves driving. If you are a commercial driver, you could lose your privilege to drive commercially. A Lenexa, Kansa DUI conviction can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket; and sometimes insurance companies will cancel your coverage altogether.

There are other, "hidden" DUI penalties, such as limitations on travel outside of the State or abroad. Community service and substance abuse treatment are other consequences a Lenexa DUI prosecution and conviction may bring. This is so even if you are granted a diversion. Protect yourself from unfair losses of your rights and privileges. Obtain guidance through the legal and practical "minefield" that is a DUI case. Minimize the consequences of your DUI, or avoid them altogether. Ensure that you're making the most appropriate decisions before accepting any plea offers.

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  • "Jerry kept in constant contact with us and our son during the case and went the extra mile to plea before the judge outside and inside the courtroom".

    Joanne from Nebraska
  • Disaster diverted!!!


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