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Domestic Relations Affidavit - DRA

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If you hire a Johnson County family law attorney, one of the first things they will have you do is fill out a domestic relations affidavit. This is commonly referred to as a DRA. This form is used by the court and the lawyers involved in determining what the parties claim their financial situation to be. Both parties will fill one out and have it verified via signing it and having it notarized. The information you place on this form will have significant effects on your case.

These numbers may be used to determine what assets you have when certain property is split up. It may be used to calculate how much child support you will pay or how much child support you are due. It could be used to determine maintenance amounts, otherwise known as alimony. Obviously, these numbers are vital to your case. When both parties going through a divorce or other family dispute agree as to the numbers and information on the affidavits, this greatly minimizes litigation as you are not spending time arguing about that information.

The following is a sample DRA often used in the Johnson County, Kansas District Court:

Domestic Relations Affidavit

Domestic Relations Affidavit Instructions

If you have any additional questions or concerns about DRA forms, contact our firm today.

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