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Enforcement of Visitation in Johnson County

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After two spouses obtain a divorce, one of them may have sole custody of the child while the other receives a court order for visitation. Even with such a court order, however, the custodial parent may seek to stop the other parent from visiting their child. When this happens, it may be necessary to make a motion for enforcement of visitation.

Process of Enforcing Visitation Rights

Article 7 of the Kansas Statutes outlines the laws and procedures regarding enforcement of visitation rights. K.S.A. § 23-701 states that any party – mothers, fathers, grandparents or any third party – who has been granted visitations has the right to request enforcement upon denial of or interference with those rights.

After a motion has been made, a hearing officer will set a date and time for a hearing to take place within 21 days of the motion. Mediation may be required between the two parties before the hearing. Once the mediation is complete, a hearing will be scheduled within 10 days of its termination.

Ultimately, the hearing officer is the one who reviews the complaint and makes a final decision.

If he or she determines that there was unreasonable interference with or denial of visitation, any of the following actions could be taken:

  • A specific schedule of visitation could be made
  • Compensating visitation time could be granted
  • Bond could be posted
  • Compensation of attorney and court fees, etc.
  • Attendance of one or both parents at counseling or educational sessions
  • Supervised visitation

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