Fighting Criminal Charges

Facing Criminal Charges in Kansas?

Fight Them with Our Johnson County Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Over our years in practice, at Martin & Wallentine, our attorney team has implemented proven criminal defense techniques to help hundreds of individuals to a favorable conclusion of their cases. Either through skilled negotiations with prosecutors and mediators or at trial in a court of law, we know how to defend against all forms of criminal charges.

The stability of your future could all depend on picking up the phone and dialing (913) 764-9700 to schedule a case evaluation at no cost to you with our team.

Protecting Your Rights with Principle

Any attorney can claim to fight for your rights or uphold order, but very few actually do so based on their own personal missions. Our defense attorney team at Martin & Wallentine, LLC has always wanted to provide the people of Johnson County with a fair chance at justice. By operating on certain key principles we find most valuable, we have found the foundation of our success in fighting criminal charges.

Principles and laws that have guided us throughout our years include:

  • You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law: This is not just legal phrase – it is the law throughout the country. It means that the burden of proof rests squarely on a prosecutor to prove that you are the individual that committed the criminal act.
  • Beyond a reasonable doubt: Your defense counsel does not have to prove your innocence; just that there is sufficient reason to doubt that you committed the crime.
  • You are not compelled by the law to testify: You do not have to testify against yourself in the court of law. Many prosecutors try to exploit witnesses by hiding this truth, and we always stand to put a stop to it.
  • We do not have to present witnesses when these will not assist your case: Controlling the witnesses and understanding who is there for your best interests can make a great case into an incredible one.

Defense Strategies for a Court Challenge

One of the initial areas where our Johnson County criminal defense lawyers work to challenge the prosecutor's case against you is to expose any errors in how the police gathered, maintained in custody and tested evidence. Our investigation applies as well to the legality of your arrest. In some cases, we can prevent charges from being filed when mistakes in law enforcement procedure are identified.

When you were arrested, you must be read your Miranda rights prior to questioning. If your property was searched, in the majority of cases, a search warrant signed by a judge is required and you are protected under the U.S. Constitution from illegal search and seizure. Additionally, police are not allowed to go beyond the scope of a warrant if they search and take possession of your property. We review these and many other areas to quickly ascertain the best method to address your case.

We Are There for You, No Matter the Crime

As experienced criminal defense advocates, we always prepare each case for trial, and our objective is a positive outcome for our clients. We believe that the criminally accused deserve to have their side of the story told in court, and to be treated fairly under the law.

If you are charged with any of the following crimes, you can count on our Johnson County criminal defense lawyers:

No matter what you have been arrested for or the evidence against you, our true purpose is to produce the best outcome possible. We are dedicated to serving our clients with the highest quality defense and are relentless in fighting to protect each person we represent.

Contact our Johnson County criminal defense attorney today to discuss your case and how we can assist you to fight back.


We Take Pride in Establishing Solid Working Relationships with Our Clients

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  • "Professional, informative, and vital in working with the prosecutor to secure the most favorable outcome possible".

  • "Jerry kept in constant contact with us and our son during the case and went the extra mile to plea before the judge outside and inside the courtroom".

    Joanne from Nebraska
  • Disaster diverted!!!


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