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Drug crimes in Kansas are very serious offenses and are penalized accordingly. As a Schedule II substance under K.S.A. § 65-4107, cocaine charges are some of the most severely punished in the state.

Below are the different types of cocaine offenses and their penalties as found in the Kansas Statutes Annotated:

  • Manufacturing (K.S.A. § 21-5703 ): Severity level 1 felony; prison sentence of 170 months; fine of up to $500,000
  • Cultivation and Distribution (K.S.A. § 21-5705 ): Severity level 3 felony; prison sentence of 34 months; fine of up to $300,000
  • Possession (K.S.A. § 21-5706 ): Severity level 4 felony: prison sentence of 24 months; fine of up to $100,000

Defense for Cocaine Charges

If you have been arrested for any of the above cocaine charges, there may be defense strategies available to you. For instance, it must be proven that the drugs in question were yours and that you were the one manufacturing, distributing, or in possession of them.

Perhaps you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and have been charged with a crime that you did not commit. An experienced Olathe criminal defense lawyer could review your case and begin building a defense that disproves your accusations, resulting in reduced or even dismissed charges. Call Martin & Wallentine today to learn how a member of our skilled legal team could help you!

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