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Probation Violation Attorney in Johnson County

Did you violate a term of your probation?

After being arrested, tried and sentenced, an offender may be granted probation instead of being required to serve their time in jail or prison. This means that they can continue their life under certain restrictions.

When a person is on probation, they are usually required to do the following in order to avoid a probation violation:

  • Report to a parole officer regularly
  • Attend rehabilitation courses
  • Obtain and keep a job
  • Commit no subsequent crimes

Should a parolee fail to report to their officer at an arranged time, miss required rehab classes, lose their job, or commit another crime, they could be charged with probation violation. If convicted, they will be required to return to jail or prison and serve the remainder of their sentence.

Probation Violation Laws in Kansas

When someone is accused of violating their probation, they will receive a "Motion to Revoke Probation" and must reply in a timely manner if they are to have the highest chance of a successful defense. One of the key factors to defense in a probation violation case is to show your willingness to cooperate. Communication and compliance could help convince your probation officer or the court that you do not need to have your probation revoked. If you are in such a situation, don't face the court alone. Hire a Johnson County criminal defense attorney for the representation you need.

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