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Kansas Sentencing Ranges for Felonies

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The prison time for a felony conviction depends on both the level of the felony and the defendant's criminal history. The box below outlines the presumptive prison time. The light shaded area represents when probation is presumptive. However, shock time can be a real possibility, even when probation is the presumption.

As reflected above, the person's criminal history is significant. There are times when the criminal defense attorney can object to or lower what the defendant's criminal history initially indicates. For example, a recent case entitled Murdock stated that out of state convictions prior to 1993, for a person felony should only be considered non-person felonies. The Kansas legislature has recently attempted to circumvent this.

Probably more importantly, is the level of the felony. The best is when there is no conviction due to prevailing at trial. However, sometimes you can work out a diversion, plea to a lower felony, or sometimes even get it amended to a misdemeanor. If you have been charged with a Kansas felony, hire the best criminal defense lawyer you can.

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