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Bill Passed Against Making Contact With Police That Annoys, Harasses, Threatens, Or Alarms or

As a Kansas criminal defense attorney, I see our American liberties being eroded more and more everyday. Another blow recently occurred when the New York State Senate passed a bill making it a felony if a person makes physical contact with a police officer with the intent to "harass, annoy, threaten or alarm. The problem with this is that it is extremely vague and leaves way to much open discretion for the police officer.

What if the cop is annoyed that I patted him on the back for a good job? Judge Dredd is not just a thing of the mere future anymore. Pretty soon it's questionable whether hiring a criminal lawyer will even be allowed. In support pf the bill, the Senate argued that "too many people in our society have lost the respect they need to have for a police officer." Unfortunately, this law could be applied anytime, to anyone, for doing pretty much anything in the vicinity of law enforcement.